Service Summary


Broadscape believe that the growing need for broadband Internet access has not been addressed in locations outside the home or office. The increased reliance on email and its evolution into a primary method of communication highlights the requirement for business users (particularly those moving between meetings and engagements) to be able to connect to the Internet with the minimum effort at practical times and locations.

Broadscape?s wireless Internet service is provided to retail and service outlets so that it may be resold or offered for free to the end users in order to add value to the core business. Broadscape offer the retail outlet a range of contracts from service lease to prepay revenue sharing. The basic service comprises of broadband Internet access but can be expanded to include market research, advertising and other services.

Additional Services

Location Marketing

Broadscape provides a structure to ensure that the maximum number of potential users are aware and encouraged to use the wireless Internet locations:

  • On location - User guide, advertising logos and hotspot "war-chalking" designs
  • User website - Designed to assist the end-user, the site provides: site location finder, online user guide with hints and tips, advice on wireless equipment and suppliers
  • Media - Aimed at the business user and wireless-aware demographic

Data Collection

Before a user can browse the Internet for free they are first taken to a predetermined website. This site can be tailored to the location's brand. In order to log on users are required to answer questions pertinent to the location and its products/services (see example logon page, subsequent welcome page and pop-up timer). The answers are held in a database for market research and questions can be updated online. In this way market research can be carried out before the user receives access.


Whilst browsing the Internet the user can be reminded of the location's products and services by pop-up window advertisements.

Secure inter-office network

Multiple outlets and offices are encountering an increased need to link all sites together with a secure data network. The requirement is to simplify their IT infrastructure and centralise accounting, stock control and other back-office functions. This is commonly known as a virtual private network and can be provided by Broadscape's "Management Centre" server and firewall installed in each location.


Web based closed circuit television cameras can be provided at each location. Broadscape supplies a range of fixed and remotely manoeuvrable cameras that can be used for:

  • Security purposes - Accessible securely from anywhere on the Internet, multiple locations on one screen and full recording and movement sensor functionality.
  • Website Enhancement - For prospective customers to view and look around your location live when visiting the locations' website.