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Broadscape are the pioneers of the 'virtually free' wireless hotspot.

We provide free broadband internet access in a range of bars, restaurants and coffee shops throughout the UK.

Where other Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) will try and tie the hotspot location down into a complicated and unrewarding revenue sharing agreement, Broadscape charge the location a small fixed fee for a hands-off but completely managed hotspot, free of any particular pricing model.

What is 'virtually free' ?

'Virtually free' is virtually free to the end-user. The coffee shop customer, for example, does not pay for the wireless access explicitly but earns the right to a limited connection period with a purchase. A typical implementation of this might be to hand over a 30 minute access code to the customer if they spend more than £2.

Unlike revenue share schemes, the customer does not have to worry about signing up online with a credit card nor being limited to certain hotspots that they've subscribed to.

For the location the service is designed to increase the value of their business by means of:
  • Complementing the requirements of the location’s customers
  • Increasing footfall
  • Increasing demand during quiet periods
  • Encouraging repeat and referred business
  • Acting as a differentiator in comparison with competing outlets
  • Discouraging seat blockers

It's simple, clean and attractive to both the end-user and the hotspot location. From Broadscape's experience in the market, outlets that run the 'virtually free' model have almost ten times the usage that a similar location explicitly charging for access gets.

"It could not be simpler", Chris Partridge, The Times

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